Who is your ideal customer?

If there is a particular type of customer that is ideally placed to benefit from the goods or services you sell it makes sense to target any marketing activity in their direction, rather than adopting a scatter gun approach.

Take a good look at your present customers and select those that buy from you on a regular basis and seem to appreciate your company’s supplies. For example, are they:

  • Easy to deal with.
  • Pay on time.
  • Reorder on a regular basis.
  • Approachable for cross-sales.

These will be your “A” clients/customers. Once you have your list look for similarities. Are they:

  • In a specific market sector.
  • Is location a feature, local to your base of operations.
  • Are they owner managed.

Once you have defined these characteristics you have a “prime avatar” of your ideal customer, and you can start to market to win more customers with similar characteristics.

To assist with these marketing efforts, approach your present “A” list and ask for testimonials. These are likely to resonate with prospects you approach.

As you are fishing for customers in a pond alive with many different types, many of which you may not want as customers, it makes sense to get clear on who your ideal customer is and concentrate your marketing activity in their direction.

Source:Other| 13-08-2023

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Haroon Muhammad

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