Check text messages from HMRC

HMRC has issued an updated version of their online guidance entitled ‘Check if a text message you've received from HMRC is genuine’. The guidance provides a current list of genuine text messages issued by HMRC.

The list has been updated to include details of a text message HMRC is sending to some taxpayers about a Self-Assessment tax check. 

HMRC is also sending certain taxpayers a text message if they call an HMRC helpline from a mobile phone. These messages might include a link to relevant GOV.UK information or webchat.

Although these communications are genuine, taxpayers should still be wary of receiving phishing texts, emails and phone calls that are purported to come from HMRC. Messages from HRMC will never ask for personal or financial information.

Fake messages can appear to be genuine but clicking on a link from within the message or email can result in personal information being compromised and the possibility of computer viruses affecting your computer or smartphone. If you are unsure as to the validity of any message it should not be opened until the sender can be verified. Any suspicious text messages can be sent to 60599 or by email to

Source:HM Revenue & Customs| 04-06-2023

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