Please note that we need bookkeeping and financial statements for the applicable tax period for everyone.
(company, individual and sole traders)

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–      P60 – certificate your employer will give you after 5 April (the end of the tax year) showing details of pay and tax deducted

–      P45 – certificate from your employer showing details of pay and tax from a job you have left

–    Work from home allowance– Did you work from home between the 6th April 2021 5th April 2022? If so, let us know the amount of weeks you worked from home. 

– Annual pension statement– salary sacrifice or traditional?  If you earn over £50,000 and pay into a workplace pension, please provide us with your March 2021 payslip

Payslips and certificates of any (where relevant) foreign tax you have paid on your employment income

–      P11D– certificate showing benefits in kind and expenses payments given to you (these benefits may not appear on your payslip)

–     Information on any share options or share participation arrangements

–      Any othertaxable receipts such as tips or gratuities not taxed in wages

–      Information relating to any redundancy or termination payments

 Evidence of all income and outgoings associated with your business or trade and, if you trade in goods, records of all sales and purchases made in the course of the trade. Let us know if you need help with setting up a bookkeeping system. 

  • Payments to employees
  • Company UTR number
  • Details of assets used for both business and private purposes
  • If registered for VAT, other records will be required.  Please contact us for more information

–      Information on interest, dividend or other income from UK savings, annuity investments or trusts

–      Information on any other income in the UK or foreign income or gains

–      Information on capital gains or capital losses (Crypto currency, stocks & shares).

–      Do you have a second home, buy-to-let, rental income?  If so, we will need information on the date of purchase, maintenance costs, history of dates lived in the property (if relevant), date property was let out, form of payment for the property (cash or mortgage)

–    Do you receive child benefits?  If you earn over £50,000 and claim for child benefits, ease let us know

–     SEISS grant – did you receive a government grant whilst self-employed between the 6th April 2021 – 5th April 2022? If so, let us know.

– CIS scheme – end of year statements and details of any expenses incurred

–     Charity contributions & Gift Aid payments

–     Jobseeker’s allowance

Do you use your own vehicle for business purposes?  Let us know so we can consider what expenses for business mileage you can claim for:


  • Uniform 
  • Professional fees & Subscriptions
  • Foreign travel for business purposes?
  • Purchase records, leasing agreements relating to business equipment
  • Using your own home for your business?  How many rooms and to what extent are they used?  We will need to consider, for example, heating and lighting costs that relate to business (not private) use

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